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It's OK! You Don't Have to Be Perfect
Today I present a profound truth to you, "The Lord does not expect perfection, He expects commitment of heart!" Your perfection will be found in your desires and in your zeal, not in your accomplishments... Click Here to Read More

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FINANCES. What We Believe

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (AMIV)
What are you hoping for? Faith always works. Stand in faith and watch things change!

Called to The Prophetic Ministry?

We have a Free Prophetic Network Course for you!

Understand your prophetic ministry with a clear picture of what a prophet is.

I did not think that things could get any worse! Our finances had died. We had no place to go and I had a toddler and a newborn to take care of. What was God doing? Craig and I had committed our lives to the Lord and not long before we had been released into prophetic training. We were eager to press on with our calling, but everything went wrong instead.

Ever Lived With Your In-Laws?

Having to move in with in-laws, a year began that was the most difficult part of our lives. Where was God's plan in all of this? WHAT WAS HAPPENING? Only after we had gone through that time did the Lord show us that we had gone through training for the prophetic ministry calling on our lives.

Prophetic Ministry Craig and Colette Toach

Why does everything always go wrong? The minute you find out your prophetic ministry call or ask the Lord to be used of Him, everything goes wrong?! In time we learned that we were not alone. Every single prophet went through the same struggles as we did. It is prophetic ministry preparation for your calling!

So the first thing we want to say are not alone!

If you close your eyes for just a minute and look around you in the spirit, you will see fellow prophetic brothers and sisters to your left and right walking this road with you.

So what do you need us for? What you need is some encouragement and motivation along this prophetic journey of yours.

You need to stop walking blind and to know exactly where you are going. We have gone this way before you and we want to help you make it to the finishing line! All the way from Prophetic Ministry to Prophetic Office.

So take our hands and let us show you the way less traveled. You will come to meet many others who are walking this road too from all over the world. We are offering you the opportunity to enlist in Prophetic Network and to receive free prophetic ministry training. This is our gift to you...the Body of Christ.

So how do you sign up? We have dedicated a full training mechanizm and prophetic social site just for you on our website! Here we allow others like you to realize you are not alone and also to get the training you need.

With free prophetic ministry lessons and teachings, you will receive the instruction you want and the fellowship you need. So climb on board and allow us to help you fulfill your prophetic call!

Free Prophetic Ministry School and Teachings

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Prophetic Course Materials:

To take full advantage of our free prophetic ministry course, make sure you get your hands on the text book, "Practical Prophetic Ministry." Although you can do the course without the book and still learn a lot, if you want the fullness, then get it by clicking here.


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