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May 27 - 29, 2016

  • Dream Interpretation
  • Angels and Demons
  • Delivering Prophecy
    Through Song
  • Intercession - Establishing
    a Prayer Wall
  • Operating in Decree,
    Prophecy and Spiritual Birthing

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Anointed and Appointed
It is very commonplace in this day and age to receive prophetic direction concerning your calling. Perhaps the Lord revealed your calling to you personally and you now want to know what to do with it all! So where do you begin? Are you a prophet now? Are you an apostle now? Where do you start? Click Here to Read More

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FINANCES. What We Believe

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD [Yahweh] [is] a tower of strength:the righteous runs to it, and is high [above danger]. (AMIV)
Having one of those days? You do not need to fight every battle alone. Instead, escape into His presence!

Your Oasis in the Wilderness

Get the truth about your prophetic call!

There are so many misconceptions about prophets these days. If you prophesy, does that make you a prophet? What exactly is prophetic ministry? What is the difference between being called to prophetic office vs prophetic ministry?

If you look in the Old Testament, you see prophets of old going giving hard words and getting rejected, thrown into cisterns, and doing crazy things like lying on their side for half a year. Is this truly a picture of what prophets are supposed to be, today?

The truth is, prophetic ministry and prophets in office are a much needed part of the body of Christ today but the calling, training and function of prophetic people have been clouded by many voices out there it is hard to know what is real.

The Prophetic Network is the place for you to get information, get connected, and get the truth about your prophetic call. Whether you desire to flow in the gift of prophecy with more clarity and accuracy, want to know what prophetic training looks like, or to know if you are called to prophetic office, the Prophetic Network is your oasis in the wilderness.

Check out our many resources and refresh yourself in the company of others that have been on the road you are on, and can offer you time tested, Word based wisdom. From articles, to books, free courses, to information on applying to our Prophetic School, come with questions and find the answers that will show you the next step to take to walk out the call has given you!

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