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Practical Prophetic Ministry (Book)
Practical Prophetic Ministry (Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2013 Edition)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2013 Edition)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
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Practical Prophetic Ministry (E-Book)
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The Way of the Prophet: Full Series (Ebook)

The Word of Wisdom

Les D. Crause

I have been asked a question concerning the gift of the Word of Wisdom and I want to answer it, since it relates especially to the prophetic ministry.

This spiritual gift is often misunderstood by those who have never functioned in it. It is a gift that is largely peculiar to the prophet and functions extensively in the prophetic ministry. I am going to compare it with the Word of Knowledge to make it a bit clearer.

What the Word of Wisdom is NOT

Firstly it has nothing to do with natural wisdom or intellectual capabilities. It is not the Holy Spirit giving you an ability to be wise to overcome your lack of knowledge or intelligence. It has nothing to do with you getting a solution to a problem where before you were perplexed. I know that this is the way some people have interpreted it. The Holy Spirit reveals the Word to us at times, and we ‘see’ things in the Word that we have not seen before. This is not an operation of this gift.

It is not you suddenly getting the wisdom to solve a crisis. If you are sitting in a church council discussing some problem that needs to be solved and you suddenly get the solution, that is not an operation of the Word of Wisdom. It seems to me that everyone gets stuck on the word ‘wisdom’ as though it relates to mental capability. You can receive such influences from the intuition of your spirit at any time.

But that is not the operation of a spiritual gift. It is simply tapping the power that is within you. I have covered that aspect in The Way of Blessing book available at GMR Publishing.

What the Word of Wisdom IS

The Word of Wisdom is simply a revelation of God’s plan and purpose for the future. It always has a future orientation. When you are ministering to someone and the Lord gives you a Word of Wisdom for that person, you will get a revelation concerning their future life and/or ministry, indicating both the current path they are on, and what God is planning for them. It is always an impartation of knowledge concerning the future.

The Word of Knowledge on the other hand is simply a revelation concerning the past and present. It is a supernatural impartation to you of facts concerning the person’s past and present. It might be about something that happened the person’s life, or it might be a current circumstance or condition. It could even include a person’s thoughts and aspirations. It could include the condition of the spirit, soul or body. Or it could include events in their life. It might include something the person doesn’t even know themselves.


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How the Word of Wisdom Operates

Now since the Word of Wisdom has a future orientation, we need to clarify exactly how it operates and what we are supposed to do with it when we receive it. Many people seem to think that when a prophet receives a revelation concerning the future by this gift, that he is predicting what is going to happen in the future. In fact this is so entrenched into people’s thinking, that the term ‘prophet’ or ‘prophecy’ is usually considered as one who predicts, or a prediction of what is to happen in the future.

When someone makes such a prediction and it does not take place, we tend to be skeptical of the person and see him or her as a false prophet. It then causes you to doubt whether you heard correctly and you wonder if you were deceived. I have seen this happen many times, both in my own ministry and in that of others, and I sought the Lord for clarification on this matter. And this is what I want to share with you.

A good few years back when I was still new in these things, I had an aunt that was suffering from cancer. We all prayed for her, and I remember one night as we were praying there was a tremendous anointing. My late dad was at that time moving very strongly in the prophetic anointing and the Lord showed him that my aunt would live to see many more years. But she suffered on under treatment and seemed to not improve much. Later on the Lord led me also to minister to her.

The anointing of the Lord came down very strongly, permeating her whole body, and the Lord showed me the cancer leaving her body, and her being used by the Lord in a healing ministry. The Lord confirmed this to her and she rejoiced and thanked the Lord for me and prayed that the Lord would use me mightily in my ministry. I will still very young in these things at that time.

But sometime later, after much struggling, my aunt died and went to be with the Lord. I was really confused. The Lord had clearly shown both my dad and me that He was going to heal her and use her. Yet she still died. Were we both wrong? Did we miss it? Was this a true revelation from the Lord? I sought the Lord concerning this, and He showed me something interesting. He showed me that He had indicated to us what His will and purpose was for my aunt. But she had failed to enter into it.

I realized afterwards why this had happened. It turned out that my aunt’s mother had died of cancer at a young age. The children were gathered around her deathbed, and just before she died, she called the aunt in question over to her and tried to tell her something. But she died without being able to say what she wanted to say. The aunt grew up with the opinion, expressed also by some of the other family members that her mother was trying to warn her about something that was going to happen to her later on in her life.

She grew up wondering and fearing that she too would die just like her mother, of cancer at a young age. And sure enough she did just that. Her faith in the fear that had gripped her sealed her destiny. The Lord had tried to move her away from it. The revelation given to my dad and I was the Lord telling her that He wanted her to be healed and that this could be her future. But in the end, the final destiny was determined by she herself, and not by the Lord.

Revelation of Imminent Death

Now let me give you another example in similar vein. My ex wife had a grandfather that was a dear child of the Lord, although he had been very wicked in his youth. They lived a long way from us on the coast of the South Africa, and we went down to where they lived one Christmas for a holiday. As we visited with them, he asked me to pray concerning his health. He had been suffering much physically and was really down.

I laid hands on him and began praying for him, and as I did, I just saw darkness. It gave me a fright, because I didn’t think he was that that ill, but I felt in the Spirit that his condition was serious. Then I saw a path leading up ahead of him. The Lord often shows me this kind of picture, and I know that it is a picture of the path that lies ahead for a person. The condition of the path often tells me what lies in store for that person. If it is full of obstacles or holes, then I know that a difficult time lies ahead. If it is smooth, green or bright I know that it speaks about a time of blessing ahead.

In this case, I saw his ‘road’ take a turn, go uphill, and then I saw the Lord waiting for him at the end of the road. I had never seen such a picture before, but I knew instantly what the vision meant. It meant that I was seeing the end of his road. The Lord was waiting for him there. He was going to die. Let me tell you that is a very difficult vision to receive. What do you tell the person? I couldn’t tell him that I saw he was going to die.

As we ended that holiday I returned home with mixed feelings about what I had seen. But one night as I was praying I felt led to intercede for him again, and this time I saw clearly in the Spirit, a funeral service, and I knew without a doubt that he was going to die. The Lord even gave me an indication of the month it was to take place, which is something I seldom receive – the time period of an event.

As it turned out, the Lord led us to actually move down to the city where he was living. But just before that I received a final confirmation of what was to happen. I was praying one night when I felt a very heavy burden of intercession. The Lord often uses me in a manifestation of the Word of Knowledge, where I actually enter into a person’s experience and feel what they are actually feeling inside.

A Release in the Spirit

This usually happens when I pray for someone, but the Lord also had begun to do this when I interceded for someone. I began to experience a deep groaning in the spirit and felt that someone was suffering physically and battling to breathe. It went on for a while, and I looked to the Lord to show me who I was praying for. He showed me that I was praying for this man. And I continued to pray that the Lord would reach out and touch him physically.

Then as I was praying, I suddenly experienced a tremendous release in the Spirit, and I broke forth in song. I saw myself marching with what appeared to be a band of angels. It was like marching along in a brass band, like the Salvation Army do. And I was full of joy and all the pressure was gone.

I thought at first that the Lord had healed him as I prayed, but then the Lord showed me what had actually happened. The Lord told me that I had experienced in the Spirit, what was going to happen when he died. I actually went through the process he was going to go through in death, and went with him into eternity.

Well needless to say, I was now quite sure that he was going to die. The Lord had showed me this on three different occasions now. As we moved down to where he was living, I was not sure how I was going to minister to him. How would I prepare him for his death? He certainly was ready spiritually. His life was dedicated fully to the Lord. I was a bit nervous when we visited with him and his wife about what to say.

Difference between what would happen and what God wanted.

But as we visited with them, the Lord placed the strangest picture in my mind. He showed me that old man strong and well. He showed me that He was going to rejuvenate him, to the point that he was even going to be able to drive a car again. I saw him totally healed and set free. And I was quite confused. When I asked the Lord what was going on, He told me that there was a difference between what was destined to happen and what He desired in His perfect will.

This brother was destined for death, partly because of the attack of the enemy on his body, and partly as a result of his own desires and faith. But the Lord was offering him the opportunity to change the picture. The Lord was saying that this could be changed. And I tried to share this with him. But it seemed that he had already committed himself to going home soon. I found out afterwards that he had already arranged his coffin and funeral plot and made all necessary arrangements for his death.

And sure enough, in due time, it happened. We received a phone call to say that he was suffering physically and I rushed there to pray with him. They had called the ambulance to come and get him, and he seemed more concerned about getting dressed in new pajamas than seeking the Lord for healing. And then he suddenly collapsed and started to turn blue. I was sent out of the room by the relatives to see if the ambulance had arrived and to direct them to the correct old age home. And while I was out waiting he suffocated and passed into eternity. It had happened just as I saw and experienced it.

Word of Wisdom Needs to be Applied

So where was it at? Did the Lord want him to die? Did I get a revelation concerning the future? Did I hear incorrectly when I felt the Lord saying He was going to heal him? I had to once again weigh up the facts and come to a conclusion. And I came to the conclusion that the Lord does not necessarily decree things when He reveals the future, but simply gives us an insight into what is destined to take place and how we can change what takes place. But in the end it is not the Lord that determines the final destiny, but we ourselves.

We need to take His Word of Wisdom and apply it, to cause it to take place. Let’s consider what happened when the Old Testament prophets spoke of the future. When the prophet Isaiah prophesied in Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Was he predicting what was to take place in the future? Was he showing that God had revealed to him the birth of the savior? No, I am more inclined to think that God had given him by the Word of Wisdom, an insight into His own plan and purpose. And the prophet was responsible to speak it forth into the earth.

How does God accomplish things in the earth? Does He not do it by His word, the Rhema? In Isaiah 55:11 He says

So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper [in the thing] for which I sent it.

But how does He send His word forth into the earth? How does He make His decree? He has to do it through human lips. And He does it through the lips of His prophets. That is why He says in Amos 3:7

Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.

God works through His prophets, to cause them to speak forth into the earth, the Rhema Word that will cause His will and purpose to be fulfilled. The prophet Isaiah did far more than predict the coming of the Messiah

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He Literally Spoke it into Existence

And that is what the Word of Wisdom is about. It is God revealing to His servants the prophets what His will and purpose is concerning the future. And He does this so that we can speak forth His Word into the earth, and cause it to take place. We are His instruments in the earth. It is our responsibility to speak forth His word, to cause His will to take place in the earth.

I believe that if God’s prophets would pick up on this and realize their responsibility, they would be more careful about what they hear, and would not glibly make predictions over people. This is why intercession is the major ministry of the prophet. We are called to birth on the earth, the secret things that God reveals to us. We should not be telling the whole world His secrets, in an attempt to show how great we are at hearing His words. We should be taking the secrets He gives us by the Word of Wisdom, and speaking them into existence.

Sometimes it would be better to remain silent when the Lord gives you a Word of Wisdom. It might be that you are to intercede for the fulfillment of the word rather than speak it forth. At other times the Lord wants you to let people know what they should aim for in their life and ministry. He shows you what is happening and the way things are currently headed. And He shows you the way that He would have them to go.

The Lord never imposes His will on us, as so many people seem to think He does. We think that God has sovereignty decided our future for us and we just have to get ourselves in line with it. So we go off at a tangent contrary to what we already have felt in our spirit. This is especially true if some prophet comes along and mistakenly gives the wrong directions. A clear understanding of this gift prevents this from happening.

A Word of Wisdom is an Offer from God

When a prophet gives a genuine word of wisdom he is revealing something that God is offering to you in His wisdom. The Lord knows the future as well as the past and present. So He offers you an opportunity in His wisdom, via the word of wisdom. He is saying to you, "I am making this opportunity available to you if you wish to pursue it." He is not telling you that this is your destiny and you have no choice in the matter.

When you come to recognize this operation of the gift it will change both your attitude to prophetic words given to you by others and those you receive on behalf of others. The final outcome lies in the hands of the person to whom the word was directed. As a prophet you need simply deliver the word the Lord gives you. It is not your responsibility to make it come to pass. That is the responsibility of the person who it is for.

You need to make this clear to the person you are ministering to. I often see a door when I minister a word of wisdom to someone. And it means that the Lord is offering the person an opportunity, like a door that they can go through. But until the person actually goes through that door the opportunity will not manifest. The Lord will not force His plan on you. You have to give Him license to do so by going through that door and submitting to His plan.

As a prophet you will also be given a key when you move into the prophetic office. In fact the key is the symbol of the authority of the prophetic office. I have seen the Lord giving this key to every person I have helped to move into the prophetic office. You might function in the ministry of a prophet, but the receiving of the key indicates your moving into the prophetic office.

Using the Word of Wisdom to Open Doors

As a prophet you are then responsible to use that key to open and shut doors in the lives of others. So you are able to unlock doors of opportunity and offer them to people in the Spirit. And that is what you do by the Word of Wisdom. The ball is then in the other person’s court. You will also at times need to block a person from proceeding in a direction that is not correct. So the key can also be used to close doors.

Of course you need to realize that before you can receive such a key and be given such a responsibility, you are going to have to prove yourself trustworthy of such a responsibility. That is why the preparation for the prophetic office is so intensive and takes such a long time.

But that is another subject altogether...browse our other articles or enlist in some of our free courses for more teaching.