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Practical Prophetic Ministry (Book)
Practical Prophetic Ministry (Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2013 Edition)
The Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary (2013 Edition)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
Practical Prophetic Ministry (E-Book)
Practical Prophetic Ministry (E-Book)
The Way of the Prophet: Full Series (Ebook)
The Way of the Prophet: Full Series (Ebook)

Signs of Prophetic Calling Checklist

Are you a Prophet?

Do the Prophetic Signs Quiz below and see how you rate!

Select the answers that apply to you the most and then match your results to the answers given below. Be sure to only select ONE Prophetic Sign from each question!

1. When you look at the church in its current condition, how do you feel?

a. You desire to see change in the church.

b. To see people equipped

c. You desire to see everyone having their own place

d. To see people have a personal relationship with Jesus

e. All of the Above.

f. None of the above.

2. How would you consider your approach for ministry?

a. You are stable and people often agree with you and your teachings.

b. You do not concentrate on methods, you simply reach out to the lost as you are able.

c. You have a unique approach to ministry and you often rock the boat, upsetting people. (Even when you do not want to!)

d. You are concerned with helping others and you are known by many as a good “listener” and friend.

e. None of the above.

3. Consider your Christian walk so far.

a. You do not go by your feelings but find that your Christian walk is a stable and peaceful one.

b. You tend to ‘swing the pendulum’ one day you want to conquer the world, but the next you want to give it all up again.

c. You are very zealous about those that are not saved and wish that more of a concentration was made in the church for those who are lost.

d. You are a regular church member that is well liked.

4. What has your experience been so far as you have sought God regarding your call?

a. You have been made to feel low and have been humiliated many times.

b. You are popular and do not have any conflicts with anyone.

c. You are not really noticed, and you do not push yourself forward.

d. You are not really sure what your calling is, but desire to know Gods will for you.

e. None of the above.

5. What are your convictions concerning the things that you believe in?

a. You are logical in your thinking and although you are open to new things, you stand firm on the doctrines you have received over the years.

b. The only conviction worth having is the gospel which you are passionate about sharing with others.

c. You have the ability to understand people from all doctrinal stands. You allow for areas of ‘grey’ between believers.

d. You see things in black and white and wish that other believers would also have strong convictions concerning the things of God. (You dislike “Sunday” Christians)

e. You know what you believe, but do not believe in preaching it to others.

6. Do you receive revelation?

a. From the time you were born again you found yourself receiving unconscious revelation. Often you will say things during a conversation, that you know is of God.

b. Although you desire to flow in the many ministry gifts, this is not something that you are able to do.

c. You know that the gifts are of the Lord, but you feel more comfortable with the teachings of the Word and using scripture to overcome problems in life.

d. You tend to be an exhorter and encourage believers to follow after the things of God.

e. You are passionate about the importance of holiness and put away personal sin. It is a subject you often talk about and share with others.

7. What kind of person would you say you are?

a. You are a logical thinker and you enjoy studying and receiving knowledge from books and the Word.

b. You tend to be an allegorical thinker, and would also consider yourself as a dreamer or visionary.

c. You are a middle of the road kind of person that is content to receive ministry from others and receive of their revelation.

d. You do not really go out looking for new revelations because you feel that you already have enough to assist you in your Christian walk.

e. You feel uncomfortable with those who are always coming up with new revelations and visions, you prefer stability to hype.

8. How would you rate your prayer life?

a. You feel that prayer has a time and place and you like to integrate it as a part of your daily devotionals.

b. Prayer is something that you have taught your children and something you understand from teaching you have heard, but it is not a major part of your Christian walk.

c. You pray mostly at church or in church meetings.

d. You have a good prayer life and you have seen answers to your prayers many times.

e. You consider your prayer to be more a conversation with the Lord: a personal relationship.

f. Prayer is a real part of your life. Whether you are interceding for others or simply taking time with the Lord, it is the center of your Christian walk.

9. Which point below describes you the best?

a. You enjoy praise and worship at church.

b. You know how to play a musical instrument, but you would not consider it a part of your ministry.

c. You may or may not have skill when you sing or play a musical instrument, but you do notice that there is an anointing when you sing or play.

d. You listen to music, but do not really participate or have the desire to.

e. You desire to play a musical instrument but you do not really desire to do it as a ministry.

10. If you look at your life so far, which point here outlines it the best?

a. Although you have had your fair share of problems in life, you would not say you’re your life was more difficult than the regular person.

b. You feel that you had a good upbringing and there is nothing that really stands out as very negative in your life.

c. You were popular at school and managed to get good grades.

d. You had what you would consider a very normal life.

e. You had a difficult life from rejection in childhood to being misunderstood in adolescent years. You felt that you were always the one on the outside looking in at others, not being able to be a part of them.

Psalmody: The Power of Praise
Singing to the Lord should be the foundation of your life. It should not be something you do when you feel like it. It should not be something you only do when others are watching. Praise and worship should be going on continually, never stopping, all the time... Click Here to Read More

How many of the following answers did you select?

1e, 2c, 3b, 4a, 5d, 6a or d, 7b, 8f, 9c, 10e,

If you selected:

Four or less of the listed answers, then you have an interest in the Prophetic, but it definitely needs developing, enroll in our Free Prophetic Network Course and get more aquainted with this Fivefold Ministry! (You can enroll in this and other free courses by putting your e-mail address in the field on the right)  

If you selected:

Five to eight of the listed answers, you show a clear prophetic orientation, but you need training to define that call!

Might we suggest that you get a copy of the Practical Prophetic Ministry book? This will boost you directly into Prophetic Training!

If you selected:

Eight to ten of the listed answers then you are clearly called to the Prophetic Ministry and training will take you into Prophetic Office.

You need training! Make your next stop the AMI Prophetic School and begin receiving both mentorship and training to release you into Prophetic Office!

-Apostles Craig and Colette Toach

P.S. Feel free to forward this Checklist to any of your friends or family.

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Prophetic Signs Checklist