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FINANCES. What We Believe

Prophetic Mentorship

By: Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

Guidelines to Successfully Following a Prophetic Mentor

The rigors of prophetic training are hard enough without having to face them by yourself. The hardest part is recognizing when God is trying to get your attention.

That is why in this day and age the Lord has been raising up prophetic mentors to help His prophets along. This is nothing new. From the time when Samuel briefed Saul or Elisha took over the school of prophets - God has been raising up those who "have been there" to help them along.

This is certainly something that burns in my heart which is why I started the AMI Prophetic School in the first place. Firstly it is a place to give the prophets a track to run on. More importantly though I realized how much fellow prophets, like myself needed a coach along the way.

So we established the school and now have a fired up team of trainers who take each student by the hand. It is to date my most precious accomplishment. One that will stick close to my heart.

The Truth About Prophetic Mentorship

Look, let’s face it. When the pressure comes in life, it is sometimes even hard to discern what is the Lord exposing something in you and what is really just a curse in your life that you need to deal with.

Well, if you have a mentor, you can speed up the process even more. I certainly saw this in my husband Craig, who only came to the Lord when we started dating. My father led him to the Lord.

Then, one of the first ministries he started flowing in was the prophetic. Now we are not ones that like to encourage new believers entering into the prophetic because it’s a very high level ministry. I tell you what though, I saw him rise up faster through that process of mentorship than I did anybody else I knew in the church.

It definitely helps because a mentor can help and point out the pressures you are facing. He can say, “Hey, do you see that pressure that is coming on you right now? It is the Lord trying to tell you something!”

However, if you don’t really take hold of the benefits of mentorship, you can be in a mentorship relationship for years and never ever get through preparation.

Don’t blame it on your mentor either because the following are the points you need to keep in mind if you have a mentor.

1. Are you Transparent?

You have to be totally transparent with your mentor. You have to let your walls down and let them see what’s really in your heart.

You have to let them see the good, the bad and especially the ugly. They need to know what’s in there so that they can help you identify what God is doing in you.

If you are not transparent and you are always putting on a mask as if you have it all together, then you don’t need a mentor, do you?

It will mean for you to be a bit vulnerable and admit where you failed and messed up. You need to be prepared to let them come into those places and point them out. Yes, we don’t like somebody’s annoying, meddling, little fingers in those soft spots.

However, if you let a mentor put their finger in those soft spots you will identify the flesh so much more quickly. You will learn to die already so much more quickly than if you were to identify it on your own.

2. Submission

That is a tough one for a lot of people.

“I would love to have a mentor that can give me instruction, pray with me and help me through the tough times, but the rest of the time I do things my way!”

Well, that’s not a mentorship relationship. You have to submit. You have to learn to say that you are prepared to do it their way. Not your way, but their way.

Also realize that mentorship is always a temporary relationship. Let me confirm again, I never said it was fair. I am not telling you that every test and chisel that your mentor will give you will be fair. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

You will probably find that it is quite unfair but that is all part of the testing. It is all part of the process - so don’t get stressed about it. Let the Lord use your mentor and submit!

Also, don’t submit in some things and not in others. “Well, I will submit when he gives me advice and when it comes to impartations and decrees, but I won’t submit when he tells me to die to a certain area of my flesh.”

If this were so, then what is the point of having a mentor? This way you will just end up going around the mountain again and again. You will never go anywhere.

If your mentor says to you that they want you to read a certain thing and keep your hands off another - just do it!

These are just some of the main points you need to keep in mind if you already have a mentor. That is why I have put some pressure on you.

Have you really submitted? If you even just look at the teachings you have gone through in this book, can you honestly say that you have submitted to them with your whole heart, or are you just rushing through this so you can say that you have gone through some prophetic training material?

Are you really submitting or are you just saying, “I did this project so now I can move on…!”

Are you submitting to the anointing and the challenges from deep within your heart? Are you taking all the benefits from every single thing or are you just skimming through so that in the end it doesn’t benefit you at all because you never really submitted?

Well, if you don’t submit you don’t receive and if you don’t receive you are not moving forward.

3. Keep the Communication and Feedback Channels Open!

You know, mentors have an ability to hear from God. This is certainly why I would hope that you would submit to a mentor that can hear from God better than you can.

So here is a good idea for you. Give them feedback. They are human and not mind readers. They don’t go around thinking, “Okay, did that chisel really hit the mark? Did they really do what I told them to do?”

As a mentor myself, I really don’t want to run after you. I’d rather have you come to me and give me some feedback. Tell me what worked and what didn’t work. There is no time for your own agendas here.

Also, every direction God gives you make sure you get confirmation about it from your mentor. Submit every revelation you get to them so that you can learn and rise up. Once that relationship is over things will change.

However, for that time, this could be a very nice golden ticket right through the preparation. So if you have been given the opportunity to work with a mentor, thank the Lord and grab the opportunity with both hands.

Take everything and suck everything you can out of it, because it will definitely benefit you in the long run!



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