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Operating in all the Prophetic Gifts

By: Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

There Are a Total of Nine Spiritual Gifts!

The gifts of the spirit are like tools in the hand of the prophet. The gifts aren’t your job, being a prophet is your job. The gifts give you the tools to make you do your job better.

A lot of people seem to have this concept a bit back to front. They think that if they can operate in all the gifts it means that this will make them a good prophet. It is not true though.

Even if you look at other things in this world, like for example being a good leader - being responsible makes you efficient for your job, but you still need the tools to make your job easier.

Your ministry is not based on the prophetic gifts you function in but on what the Lord has put in you. The things that burn in your heart the purpose you are fulfilling in the Body of Christ. These tools, these gifts help you become a better prophet.

Did you know that a prophet can start developing a prophetic ministry and not even flow in the prophetic gifts yet?

Well, that should blow your mind a little… Think about it though. When somebody starts in the prophetic ministry, they sometimes don’t necessarily know how to receive visions or give a prophetic word.

I have trained many prophets like that personally. When they first came to us it was clear that they had a prophetic calling but they didn’t even know how to flow in all of the gifts.

It does not mean you have to stay that way though! In this teaching I will help outline those gifts for you and give you some exciting things to look forward to!

Prophetic Gifts Explained - The 9 Gifts of the Spirit

So, let’s have a quick look at what the gifts are and then we will focus right in on the gifts that specifically pertain to the prophet.

The nine gifts of the spirit are actually very easy to remember because you can split them up into three main groups. These three groups are:

  1. Vocal gifts
  2. Revelation gifts
  3. Power gifts

Then, three gifts slot into each of those three categories. The following gifts are found in each of the categories:

Vocal Gifts

  1. Diverse tongues
  2. Interpretation
  3. Prophecy

Revelation Gifts

  1. Word of wisdom
  2. Word of knowledge
  3. Gift of discerning of spirits

Power Gifts

  1. Gift of faith
  2. Gift of healing
  3. Gift of miracles

Now, just by me listing these for you here, can you see which of these three groups the prophet is more likely to function in? It should be obvious…

In any case, let me make it clear for you. Out of these three groups, the prophet will function mostly in the vocal and revelation gifts. These are your tools. They are like one of these tool belts.

My husband, Craig, has one of these toolbelts. They are these huge belts and I am honestly amazed at how much he fits into it when he does woodworking or something. He has a place for everything in this belt.

Use You Prophetic Tool Belt

That’s like having a prophetic tool belt. Just like every tool has a specific place in the belt, so do each of the gifts slot in perfectly in your prophetic tool belt.

Every time you minister to somebody depending on which one the Holy Spirit wants you to pull out, is what you will use. So you see the gifts are just like tools. Let’s learn what these tools are and how to use them.

You know, just because I have a gift and an ability to see how things should be built, doesn’t mean that I know how to use a hammer drill, does it?

In fact, I would be terrified to pick up my husband’s hammer drill and drill a hole in the wall. I actually think he would be terrified for me to pick up his hammer drill. I could injure myself as well as anybody nearby.

And so it is the same with the prophet. You need to learn to flow in these gifts. If you have a prophetic calling, you need to learn how to flow in each one of these two groups so that you can function better.

You know, I remember in the old days when my husband and I were first married, we couldn’t really afford to buy very expensive tools and so he had one of these horrible little hand drills. I don’t know if you have ever seen one of them. Let’s just say it was not the fanciest and it took my husband hours just to drill one little hole in the wall.

Later on he got a better one and drilling holes was a matter of minutes. There was no more resistance when pushing it in.

It is the same for you. You could struggle along with one or two gifts but when you really learn how to flow in all these gifts it is like having an upgraded hammer drill that can go through concrete.

You can do your job more effectively with more power, more anointing and with a greater ability. So don’t think that you don’t necessarily need interpretation, diverse tongues or the gift of discerning of spirits because you got the rest. You need all of them.

What carpenter says, “I really need a drill but I don’t need a screw driver. I need a saw but I don’t need a hammer”? It would be rather stupid to say that, because he needs all of them if he wants to do his job effectively.

It’s the same for you. In some of our other training materials you learned to identify what gifts you flow in. That is fantastic but now it is time for you to learn in all the others as well. Let’s fill up your tool belt and get you moving.

The Vocal Prophetic Gifts in More Detail

Let’s take a closer at the vocal gifts then. There are three gifts in this group:

  1. Diverse Tongues
  2. Interpretation
  3. Prophecy

Diverse Tongues

It is the ability to speak in various different kinds of prayer languages. It is a powerful gift. In fact, when you start developing this, you will find that you will start to swap all over the place. Whether you are giving a word of tongues publically or whether you are in warfare, your tongue will change.

I shared a lot about speaking in tongues already in the previous Chapter so I won’t get into it again here. To reiterate, diverse tongues is very powerful and you should be flowing in it.

If I haven’t convinced you about that yet, I doubt I ever will! Don’t leave this gift out because it is really a vital part of your tool belt.


Apostle Paul says in the Scriptures that if a tongue is given, we should be sharing the interpretation of it too. In our course the Prophetic Foundation , I share a fantastic way how he interprets his tongues. If you want more detail on this specific point, get your hands on the book.

Be encouraged to practice this gift! Learn to speak in tongues and interpret them. Don’t just leave this gift out. You don’t know how and when the Holy Spirit is going to use you. So make sure that you have brushed up on all the gifts.


There are many ways to deliver a prophecy, but it is basically just sharing a word from the Lord. You may start out by sharing a vision and then go into a prophetic word or you may just get an impression in your spirit. Perhaps you get the first few words of the prophetic word which to be honest, is always a bit scary.

I personally like it better when the Lord gives me a vision because then I can start sharing the vision and then move on to sharing the prophetic word from there. To this day this is the way I tend to do it, because it has become a bit of a habit for me.

However, oftentimes the Lord will just give you the first few words. The words will just come up in your spirit. You might hear the Lord say, “I shall…” You say in turn, “I shall what?” The Lord says again, “I shall… I won’t give you the rest of the words until you speak those!”

Learn to develop the gift of prophecy. Journaling is a fantastic way to develop your ability to prophesy. You will notice throughout all of our teachings that I refer you back to your private prayer times to develop these gifts.

Learn to Develop this in Your Prayer Closet

Really, until you have learned to use them for yourself, don’t go out there. It would be like a carpenter who doesn’t know how to use his tools properly but regardless he offers somebody to do a job for them. He just bought this new hammer drill but he actually doesn’t know how to use it.

Imagine him going off drilling holes into things without actually knowing how to hold the thing properly! It might be wise for him to learn how to use it by practicing in his own garage for a while first, before he tries it out on somebody else’s brand new furniture.

Isn’t that at least what we could hope for that you practice on yourself first? I mean it’s the same in any job. You have to be a bit of an apprentice first and learn. You have to do a bit of self-learning before you go out there and impose your ministry and bad skills on others.

Learn to develop these gifts in your private times. I don’t know about you, but to me that really takes the pressure off. When you first find out that you are called to be a prophet, you get this idea that you need to jump up right now and start prophesying over people. You feel like you need to hand out words of wisdom and interpret tongues everywhere you go. Just relax!

We serve a very patient and a very gracious God that speaks to us all the time. You can learn to flow in these gifts in the safety of your home first.

It is like Apostle Les shares it in so many of his teachings. Before he got to stand up behind the pulpit he was doing it in his prayer closet all the time. He was doing it in his mind. He was “preaching” all the time so that by the time he got up there he did it flawlessly.

It is the same with the prophetic gifts. See yourself flowing in them and practice them when you have a private time with the Lord and are journaling. It is especially fantastic if you are part of a homechurch and get to share your revelation with others there. That’s the best place to learn to flow in all of these gifts.

When you have gained confidence and know that you are hearing the voice of God, then you can step out and do it in public meetings. However, the best place for you to learn is really right where you are. The Holy Spirit is not going to push or force you. So please just relax, okay? Learn to develop that relationship with the Lord for yourself first.

Then as you gain confidence and as you start to hear His voice more clearly, He will put an increasing amount of responsibility on you.

Perhaps you will start out with a small little project just at home. After that He might send you out to do bigger and greater things, but it definitely starts right where you are at.

So in conclusion of the gift of prophecy, realize that you can easily prophesy over yourself. What is even better is if you got family members around you. If that is the case then prophesy over them.

I remember when Apostle Les started flowing in this he would come and prophesy over us as kids. I was very young back then but I still remember it. We would always spend some time together at night. He might read something from the Scriptures and then we would pray. Often he would give prophetic words to us in those times. It was really exciting to grow up like that.

You know, include your family and those closest to you. They are also more forgiving than people you don’t know. So make use of this advantage

The Prophetic Revelation Gifts in Detail

The Word of Wisdom

The word of wisdom is actually very simple. This is knowledge based on what God wants to do in the future. It has a future orientation.

So let’s say you are praying for yourself about direction for the future. As you are praying you see that you are walking on a road and all of a sudden that road comes to an end and another road is opening up. That’s a word of wisdom.

The Lord is saying that in the future, the road you are walking on right now will come to a close and He will lead you in a new direction. Was that so intense?

People get so strange about this gift and treat it like it is some sort of psychic thing. No, it’s just God’s direction for your life based on the future.

Certainly you can see this happening right throughout the Old Testament. The prophets prophesied what God was going to do in the future with the whole kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem. They also prophesied about the coming of Christ. All those were words of wisdom.

It is basically a prophetic revelation based on the future, which is what distinguishes the word of wisdom from the word of knowledge.

The Word of Knowledge

The word of knowledge always has a present or a past orientation. Let’s say for example you are in prayer because you are struggling with something.

Perhaps it is bitterness or some kind of conflict. You come to the Lord with it and ask Him where this problem is coming from and why you are having such a crisis.

As you are praying, you see your father in the spirit. You maybe even see yourself at a certain age and a specific memory comes to mind. That is a word of knowledge. It is the Lord saying this is where the problem is. You need to sort it out.

Perhaps you are feeling spiritually blocked and you come to the Lord with it. Then you see yourself all tied up. Well, that’s a word of knowledge. That is the condition you are in right now.

The reason why I am applying it to you here is because I want you to learn to do this in your own life first. As you learn to identify the gifts you are flowing in in your personal times, it will be so much easier when you step out and minister to others.

You will realize that some of the symbols you see in your private prayer times will be very similar to what you see for others and that’s exciting. It is exciting when you kind of struggle it through on your own for a bit and then the Lord gives you an opportunity to minister.

Then things will be so clear to you and you will feel so confident. It is because you have that confidence that you will be able to step out in boldness and because you are bold you will be under a greater anointing. It will make you effective.

So please don’t be afraid to receive these gifts. We have dealt a lot with how to hear the voice of God all throughout our materials so these things will follow on naturally from that. As you learn to hear His voice you will receive words of knowledge and wisdom. Then you will also learn how to apply it effectively.

The Gift of Discerning of Spirits

This is one of my favorite gifts. If you have ever received any kind of impartation from this ministry at all, you definitely flow in this gift. What is it?

It is basically the ability to sense angels, demons, the anointing or the condition of somebody else’s spirit. In short, you discern he spirits - whether it is demonic, the anointing or it is just simply the condition that another human spirit is under.

There are many ways to sense the gift of discerning of spirits. Perhaps you already flow in this gift but you are just not aware of it.

Apostle Les shares in his testimony in the Signs of the Prophetic Calling message that when he started flowing in this gift he felt like there was electricity going through his hands.

He just couldn’t believe it. There was this intense power going through him. He discovered later on that this was the gift of discerning of spirits in operation. When he felt this power he knew that there was actually something demonic present.

You might feel something different. When I feel demonic oppression, I feel like my hair is crawling! It is almost as if there are ants all over me. You know that feeling?

However, when I sense the anointing I sense a peace and like this warm oil is being poured all over me. It is this warm glow and this sense of rest. When I feel that I know I am sensing the anointing.

Then when there is somebody that I am close to who is going through a personal conflict, I feel like a knot in my stomach. This is the worst. Do you know how long it took me to identify that and know what was wrong with me?

I would feel this horrible knot and cry out to the Lord to find out what was going on. Most of the time what I sense in this case is the conflict somebody else is going through. Very often, the Lord will then lead me to minister to them and the knot would leave.

Hear God's and You Will Take Off

Learn to sense what is going on inside and before you jump up and go, stop and hear his voice. As you learn to do that, you will take off.

So you will get those words of knowledge because the Lord will tell you clearly. You will get words of wisdom and you will learn to develop hearing His voice in many ways.

In conclusion, focus on hearing His voice for yourself and as you do that you will explode in every single one of these gifts. It will be like a child learning to walk. One day you may be stumbling around but the next you are will run around like crazy.

So if you don’t function in all of these gifts yet don’t feel discouraged. There is something to aim towards. For now, let’s learn to focus on hearing the voice of God for yourself and as you do that the rest of these are going to fall into place more simply than you realize.


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