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Death of a Vision

By: Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

The Price of Prophetic Ministry

Where we live we get a wonderful view of the ocean and we get to watch the sunset when we are home. We have a swing seat there and in the afternoons Craig and I love to sit there and just spend time with one another and the presence of the Lord.

However, it still felt like something was lacking. So we decided to head out and get ourselves a bunch of plants and make this patio a little private garden just for us. It was fun. The kids came along and each one of them picked out their favorite plant and we each took a turn of picking something out.

I picked out a rose bush, Craig picked out a few things and we got little flowers and pansies. It was really exciting. We went home and all of us got stuck in there and made it a little garden. At the end, it looked and smelled beautiful. I tell you, after that every chance we had, we went out there just to enjoy the plants.

However, time went on and seasons changed a bit. Then suddenly one day I noticed that one of my beautiful purple pansies had died. I couldn’t believe it!

It was so beautiful it had this unique, bright purple color. I picked it out myself and had nurtured it… I had put miracle grow in it, put it in this lovely pot and then put it in this perfect spot. One minute it was flourishing and then a cold wind had come along and obviously it had just been a bit too much for it out there on the patio and so it just didn’t cut it.

I tried hard and gave it more miracle grow and I tried to put some fertilizer in it also, but the day came when I had to look at this plant and say, that’s it - all hope is gone. This plant is dead. I must let it go and run back and go get another plant to replace it.

You know, it was when I came to that realization that I was okay with letting it go. It was so easy… we could just go and find another one that I loved and replace it.

Stop Trying So Hard Let it Go!

Well, it’s not an extremely dramatic story but it is a good picture of a death of a vision which is what I want to look at in this teaching.

Death of a vision is really like that. It’s exciting when you get your call and the Lord says to you, “I called you to plant this! I have called you to do this.”

Every vision you have is like one of those beautiful flowers that you pick out especially because you love it so much. It becomes something special to you.

You imagine how fantastic it will look. You also look forward to enjoying it, but then one day a cold wind comes on that vision and it starts to die.

So you get desperate! You try to revive the vision. You try to dig around. You pray and intercede and push harder than you ever pushed before. The life goes out of it until one day you must face the reality - all hope is gone. This vision is dead.

I want to look at how you know when a vision is really dead. There was a good indication for me to know when my plant was really dead – it was brown!

It was wilted. The flowers were shriveled up. There was nothing in there that indicated life.

And so it’s the same with your vision. However, you know the problem is that you say, “Oh no. There is a little bit of green there… if I just push through it will come to life again.”

I am here to save you from that agony. I am here to show you how to identify when a vision is really dead. I also want to show you how to proceed once you know that the vision is really dead.

Death of a Vision Step 1: Give Up!

You know that it is time to let go when you feel the pressure to move on. The Lord showed you that it is time to let the vision die. He lets you know that it was good for the season that passed and it was great that you got to enjoy your flowers… but now it’s time for a new season and vision!

You come to a point of surrendering and saying, “Okay, it’s time to pull it out and throw it away!”

When you come to that place of really letting it go and giving it to the Lord, you know the vision is dead. At the end of the day it is the Lord’s vision anyways and not yours. So when it has died and shriveled up so badly, the Lord won’t even allow you to do anything. That is the worst. It is ugly and painful.

You see this poor person and they have this vision that they got in the past and you can clearly see that it is so dead – in fact, it’s been dead for twenty years now but they keep holding on to the hope of this one tiny green spot that it will come to pass one day.

When you see that, pluck it up and throw it away. It’s time for something new. It’s time to replant and use up that space for something that will really flourish.

So again, the first point is for you to come to the place of really seeing that it’s time to let it go. It’s shriveled up and dead. The situations have died. The Lord won’t even let you do anything towards this vision. All the contacts have disappeared and all the opportunities just died away… it’s time to give it up to the Lord.

Death of a Visions Step 2: Do Not Think About It Anymore

You know, I didn’t lie awake that night thinking, “Oh, my pansy is dead. I sure wish my pansy was still alive… I remember its rich, beautiful colors. I remember how wonderful it was when it was still in bloom…” That sounds pitiful, doesn’t it?

It is even more pitiful when a prophet does that and says, “Oh, I remember the time when we had such revival. God used me so mightily and everybody was coming to me for ministry. Now I am sitting here in the desert and oh I look back on that time…”

If you are still doing that, then you know that the vision is not dead yet. The worst part about it is that the Lord can’t give the new vision He has for you, while you are still holding on like that. That is the dangerous part of not letting go of a vision. You never get to take on the greater thing that God has for you because you are always looking to the past and how it was in the days of glory…

“Oh you know I had the anointing, the people, the fame and fortune…” Your whole life you are still hankering after the past even though those doors have closed on you so clearly.

If you are doing that, then your vision is not dead. It is only truly dead when you are not thinking about it anymore.

You know that it’s dead when you bump into somebody from the past and they say to you, “Man, I remember you were involved with so and so!”

You reply, “Yeah, you are right. I forgot about that.”

When you come to that point, then you know that your vision is dead and buried.

Death of a Vision Step 3: Look Forward to the Future

Not only have you given this vision up to the Lord, but you don’t think about it anymore. Instead you are like me who said, “Come on… let’s go out and find a new plant!”

This is the only way to really get past the death of a vision process. It is to look to the future with excitement and see that you can actually get a bigger bush now. It means that you will enter into more than ever before. You start to wonder what it will be like and you wonder what the Lord will call you to do.

When you have that outlook, it’s like you put your key in the lock and you open up a whole new door of opportunity.

Look at Your Heart and Let Go!

Death of a vision is not easy and it is not the last time you will experience it either. It is something that you should learn to identify in every part of your life.

So I want you to take a look at yourself personally right now. I want you to look at all the visions that God has given you through the years. Come on… what are all the main visions the Lord has given you? Have you really given them up to the Lord?

Or do you still think upon them fondly and think “Oh, one day it will happen!”

Have you really let Him have it?

Does this challenge you? Do you have to think back hard on the visions you had?

If you do have to think a bit, then it is a good sign because it means that you have let it go and you are looking towards the future now.

However, if you still have that little hope inside that says, “maybe one day…” let it go! Take all those visions like little nuggets in your hand and just hand them over to the Lord.

“Into your hands I commit my spirit.”

It’s back to the death process, isn’t it? Tell Him that you let it go. Then when He wants to move, He will move. He won’t take His time but will open the doors and cause things to happen.

However, it could be that the reason why those doors are not opening is because you haven’t shut the old ones yet. It’s because you are still looking back. You are still looking to what you had and wanted instead of looking forward to the new things God has for you.

Make it easier on your training and let those things go. Then look forward to the resurrection that is just ahead of you.

The Lord has been challenging you a lot throughout these teachings and by now you should have a very clear picture of what a prophet is. You also should have an idea of the price the prophet pays. Most of all I hope that these teachings started to take you through prophetic preparation and prepared you for the road of training that is ahead of you now.

So really put your heart into everything you are receiving here because it will act as a foundation for everything that is to follow on from here, okay? Let’s get past the death and move onto the resurrection.

I look at this subject in more detail in the Prophetic Ministry Course on our prophetic school. Check it out here:

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